All my cabins are handmade using a wide range of different timbers, including Norweigan logs all built on a sub-frame with electrics incorporated into the framework so no wires are shown. Fibreglass is fitted inside the frame-work, then an overlap system of timber planking is used inside. There are 5 layers in the roof and 4 in the walls, therefore keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter (unlike flat-pack cabins).

All my timbers are pressure treated, therefore no preservative needs to be applied for 5 years from construction. All windows and doors are handmade by me prior to the start of the job. Windows/doors are all double pane glass for your needs. The flooring is heavy duty tongue and groove timber and all cabins come with a verander.

All you have to do is to organise a 6" level concrete base with a wire mesh in it, and supply electrics to the base and I do the rest. Apart from the windows and doors everthing else is constructed on site from raw materials and depending on size will take me between 8 - 30 days to construct.

Also all my cabins can be built on skids or metal frames therefore complying to the mobile home law and still keeping that rustic look.

Size Price
5m x 4m £9,200
6m x 4m £11,500
8m x 5m £18,900
10m x 5m £21,400
11m x 6m £23,900
12m x 6m £27,300
14m x 6m £31,300

Prices include construction, delivery, verander, electrics, insulation, handmade windows and doors. Extra windows and internal walls are an additional cost.